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Wednesday 5 July But every minute or two a plane roars overhead on the final approach to the southern runway at Heathrow, close enough for the observer to read its registration. This week, planespotters here have been rewarded with what ornithologists call vagrants: Because between 1 and 16 July, British Airways is borrowing nine short-haul Airbus A jets , plus pilots and cabin crew, from Qatar Airways. Some passengers have declared themselves delighted with the substitution, which brings greater comfort plus free food and drink in economy class. But the strikers and their union representatives are furious.

‘Air India’s 28 pilots and 9 cabin crew skipped alcohol test in 2017’

Charlotte Southcott Have you ever been bemused by the lingo used by cabin crew at 30, feet? Want to know what “doors to manual” really means? Charlotte Southcott, flight attendant at Monarch Airlines:

Mar 08,  · An all-female crew operated the world’s longest continuous flight this week, from Delhi to San Francisco, in honor of International Women’s Day. Flight AI .

South African Airways is reputed to be chronically over-staffed at every level Representation Johannesburg: The next time you stow your tray table, fasten your seatbelt and prepare for take-off, there’s a good chance your pilot could be South African. South African Airways SAA is being buffeted by financial turbulence and new chief executive Vuyani Jarana says he has ambitious plans to steer the company to safety.

One of his bold cost-cutting schemes involves leasing out SAA’s pilots and cabin crew to foreign airlines battling a global shortage of flight staff. Tlali added that Jarana’s key objective was to protect SAA’s “employees and return to positive financial performance” — in other words, reduce overheads without laying off staff. Sackings would be hugely unpopular with the flying public and the government, so the idea of contracting out under-used pilots and first officers could be just the ticket.

It could also help major airlines avoid cancellations such as those that plagued Europe’s biggest airline Ryanair which had to cancel thousands of flights from November because of an admin error that led to pilot shortages. The shortage is “becoming a crisis at some carriers, resulting in the cancellation of flights and other serious disruptions,” said Patrick Smith, a pilot who runs the “Ask the Pilot” aviation blog.

To sweeten the deal, he has been offered a “very lucrative salary” in US dollars as well as business class flights home every three weeks. SAA’s Pilots’ Association said it was “disappointed and dismayed” that some of its members, it claimed, would be forced to take a contract or take unpaid leave “as a result of extremely poor fiscal control and mismanagement”. The association’s vice-chair, Captain Grant Back, said it would be preferable for SAA to put its pilots to use within its own network.

He said the destination airlines were badly short of pilots because of poor conditions, unfavourable work-life balance or in some cases labour relations problems.

The truth about the luxury of Qatar Airways

Pilot caps and stewardess hats quality airline hats Airline hats are an important part of your uniform program and can serve as a “beacon” for your airline’s entire look. Just think of Qatar Airways or Emirates and their signature appearance. One of the most distinctive elements of any uniform, the cabin crew hat and the pilot cap complete the picture and add a sense of authority and professionalism.

It is a powerful symbol that helps distinguish crew from passengers and flight deck crew members from the cabin crew. After some years of declining popularity, airline hats are now making a comeback and playing an ever more prominent role in creating a distinctive, professional airline uniform look.

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Share A pilot of German airline Lufthansa sports a button reading “we are on strike” on his uniform as he takes part in a demonstration during a strike of the German airline Lufthansa pilots at Frankfurt airport, Germany, November 30, DE and German pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit have agreed to mediated talks to resolve a row over contracts dating back to , averting the threat of further strikes for a few more weeks, the two parties said on Friday.

Lufthansa has been embroiled in a series of separate disputes with its pilots and cabin crew staff over pay and conditions as management seeks to reduce costs to compete with budget airlines and more efficient long-haul carriers. The mediation process is to start in early January and be completed within the month, during which time the pilots will not call for further strikes, Lufthansa and VC said in a statement on Friday.

Lufthansa’s pilots have walked out 15 times since early , costing the carrier hundreds of millions of euros in lost profits. Most recently, they were on strike for six days in November, costing the airline a further million euros The pilots have asked for an average annual pay increase of 3. The pilots say altogether these increases would amount to a rise of nearly 20 percent on current pay.

Lufthansa has proposed an increase of 4. UFO has been trying to agree new contracts for staff at Eurowings for two years. But Verdi reached a separate agreement with the carrier earlier this month, which Eurowings wants to apply to all cabin crew staff. Under the agreement with Verdi, flight attendants receive a retroactive pay increase of 2.

Lufthansa wants Eurowings to become Europe’s third largest point-to-point carrier.

Commercial Pilot and Flight Crew

Close This article is 2 months old Ryanair had to cancel hundreds of flights in September because of staff shortages. He was once quoted as saying he would rather cut off his own hand than recognise unions. However, a shortage of pilots led the airline to cancel thousands of flights earlier this year, shifting more power to staff. Pilots have complained of a toxic work atmosphere at the airline, although Ryanair claims it offers comparatively high pay.

Although previous attempts to unionise have faltered in the past, a rapid mobilisation appears to have taken place after the rostering failure.

Ryanair has said it will recognise cabin crew unions and hold meetings in the new year, as it prepared to start its first ever talks with pilots’ unions in Dublin on Tuesday.

Commercial Pilot and Flight Crew Commercial Pilot and Flight Crew A flight crew typically consists of a pilot, copilot, flight engineer and flight navigator. To work as a commercial pilot or as part of a flight crew, you must complete training in aviation and obtain a Federal Aviation Administration FAA license. Inside the Commercial Pilot and Flight Crew Industry Commercial pilots operate aircraft to transport people and cargo all over the world. In addition, they fly airplanes to spread seed, test aircraft, dust crops, track criminals and more.

Members of the flight crew are responsible for ensuring all technical systems are working properly during a flight. They may also communicate with air traffic control on behalf of the pilot.

VIDEO: New £9 million airline training base opens in Bradford

Leave a reply New research in the form of a medical literature review has found that the pilots and cabin crew of aircraft have approximately twice the incidence of developing melanomas compared with members of the general population. The authors of the study believe that this could be due to increased exposure to ultraviolet UV and cosmic radiation related to high altitudes. Although officials routinely monitor levels of exposure to ionizing radiation, UV exposure is not usually recognized as an occupational hazard for pilots and cabin crew.

UV is, however, recognized as a major risk factor for the development of melanomas. UV is known to damage the DNA of skin cells, and when the DNA that controls the growth of skin cells is damaged, skin cancer can develop.

Ryanair cancelled flights, affecting around 40, passengers, ahead of a coordinated one-day strike on Friday 28 September by pilots and cabin crew in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the.

Share this article Share It is rare for pilots to be removed from flying for breaching airline procedure. Qantas has a zero tolerance to pilots recording an alcohol reading of any level. Fewer than of Qantas’s pilots are women. The investigation into the captain’s alcohol reading is expected to take at least a month. Qantas has informed the air safety regulator, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, of the incident.

However, it is considered a matter for Qantas rather than the regulator because the testing of the captain was done under the auspices of the airline’s drug and alcohol management plan. The flight from Sydney to Brisbane was delayed after the pilot was forced to relinquish the controls If it is determined to be a one-off incident, the pilot will be expected to undergo counselling and later a medical assessment to determine whether she is fit to fly.

But if it is a long-term problem, she will be suspended from duties.

Air India Salaries

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Annex IV is known as Part-MED and contains the EASA Implementing Rules (IRs) for medical assessment of both pilots and cabin crew. Subpart C of Part-MED contains the IRs applicable to cabin crew medical assessment.

Travel Arrangements for Pilots and Cabin Crew January 8, Life as a Pilot , Travel 5 Comments Akshay Salvi All you aviation enthusiasts might be having a thought about the accommodation of pilots while on duty and who pays for all of this. In our profession traveling different places is a constant thing. To make our life easier the accommodation and travel arrangement is taken care by a dedicated department of our airline.

We are well before-hand informed and briefed about our stay and travel at the destination, so we can have a general idea about the locality and nearby area just in case we wish to explore it. As we land at our destination, our exit procedures start-up. It includes going through the baggage and immigration section.

The process is expedited due to special queues for the airline crew to get it done without any hassle or waste of time. We are being guided all along this by an executive of the airline till we get our transport for the hotel.

Ryanair to recognise unions to prevent pilots’ strike before Christmas

Additionally, the job of a flight attendant revolves around safety to a much greater extent than those of similar staff on other forms of transportation. Flight attendants on board a flight collectively form a cabin crew, as distinguished from pilots and engineers in the cockpit. Heinrich Kubis was the world’s and Germany’s first flight attendant, in Origins of the word “steward” in transportation are reflected in the term “steward” as used in maritime transport terminology. The term purser and chief steward are often used interchangeably describing personnel with similar duties among seafaring occupations.

This lingual derivation results from the international British maritime tradition dating back to the 14th century and the civilian United States Merchant Marine which US aviation is somewhat modeled.

Warsaw-based LOT Polish Airlines is canceling flights this week as crew members strike to protest layoffs, demand better pay and working conditions. Nearly 70 flight crew members have been fired.

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Jet2 needs Birmingham Airport pilots and cabin crew – how to apply

It signed off on the deal on Thursday. The revised policy would come into effect on January 1 next year. Under the plan, no more than 75 per cent of applicants who want to delay their retirement age could stay on, and their salaries would be cut by between 3 and 9 per cent. According to the agreement, the company would open applications every six months, with applicants subject to interviews.

The union had conducted a ballot on the issue for the first time last summer and members narrowly voted in favour of pursuing the change. Younger flight attendants however were less happy, citing fears of fewer promotion opportunities if older attendants stayed on longer.

Rent-A-Captain: This Airline Is Leasing Out Pilots And Cabin Crew South Africa’s flag carrier has been running at a loss for a decade and is grappling with a $ million (million-euro) debt.

China We will be conducting a recruitment exercise for cabin crew in Chongqing, China. If you meet the following requirements, we will be pleased to meet you at our interviews: Venue will be advised at a later date. To apply, please visit http: Candidates who passed the preliminary video interview round will be invited for further interviews in person in New Delhi in February We thank all candidates for their interest in Singapore Airlines and regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Saturday, 24 February Venue: As we accept applications on a rolling basis, we encourage you to apply sooner rather than later. Kindly enter your email address in the login credentials field.

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Implementation is mandatory with effect from 8 April States may utilise transition arrangements after that date where permitted under the Regulation. An example of the latter is the UK, which has announced that all cabin crew must hold a valid EU medical report from 8 April but until that date, assessment of fitness for cabin crew duties under EU-OPS requirements will remain valid. In respect of Cabin Crew, it establishes Implementing Rules for their periodic aero-medical assessment and the conditions under which general medical practitioners may act as aero-medical examiners.

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Click to enlarge and see legend. September Flight attendants are normally trained in the or headquarters cabun of an airline over a period that may run from four weeks to six months, depending on the country ccabin airline. The Gulf carrier has plenty of spare aircraft, because its short-haul routes to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other destinations have been grounded as part of a.

The first female flight attendant was a year-old named. Csbin and CeeCee Lyles ofRobert Fangman ofRenee May of, daating of actively attempted to protect passengers from assault, and also provided vital information to on the. If the strike goes ahead, it will mean that Mixed Fleet cabin crew have been on strike almost continuously throughout July and August, and will take the total stoppages since the start of the year to more datnig 10 weeks.

Slater said he was injured by a passenger who slammed an overhead door on his forehead. He was later arrested and charged with several crimes. Some of Aer Lingus’s new cabin crew recruits in summer It has now broadened to include what the Unite union claims are unfair sanctions applied to 1, strikers after previous stoppages. They must also respond to call lights dealing with special requests.

Picture Jason Clarke May Originally female flight attendants were fired if they reached age 32 or 35 depending on the airline, were fired if they exceeded weight regulations, and were required to be single upon hiring and fired if they got married. Slater, of apparently lost his cool after getting into a heated argument with a passenger.


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