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With new series coming out every week, it can be difficult to determine which are worth your time, but we’ve got you covered if you’re looking to learn something new. Here are our top picks for stretching your brain during your next commute, workout, or laundry run. Beyond being a place for moving and often hilarious stories, “This American Life” does staggering levels of reporting; few outlets made the financial crisis as human and understandable as Ira Glass and the gang. It lives up to the hype. Gimlet Media You probably use the internet every day, but Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt will give you more insight into its effects on our culture than you were ever aware of. They’ve covered great stories like the ways ISIS uses social media and how an Orthodox Jew ultimately left his family behind because of the world he discovered online. And Goldman and Vogt’s goofy rapport will keep you hooked episode to episode. Gross may have a smooth, relaxed speaking style, but the way she digs deep into her interview subjects will keep you engaged throughout the conversation, whether it’s about Jake Gyllenhaal’s acting process or what a writer learned from covering Mexican drug cartels.

The 8 Best Sex and Love Podcasts You Need to Be Listening to Now

Looking for new podcasts? Here’s the Telegraph’s definitive guide to the finest podcasts for storytelling, interviews, literature and poetry, regularly updated with new recommendations. The Lapse Pitching itself as a cross between the candid storytelling of The Moth and the atmospheric documentary making of Radiolab , this excellent podcast takes arresting true stories from people around the world and “gussies them up”.

What does this mean? In a nutshell, its maker, Kyle Gest a young Canadian who was trained at film school painstakingly edits the interviews with his contributors into movies for the ears, complete with sound effects, music and narration. Here, he interviews a different up-and-coming poet each month.

HeadGum is a podcast network formed by Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld. With studios in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, HeadGum’s goal is to produce, curate, and promote the best podcast content from around the web.

Michael’s College School are photographed on Nov. Fred Lum A criminal investigation triggered by a video that police sources say shows several members of a St. Six students — aged 14 and 15 — are already facing sex assault-related charges and police have warned more charges could follow. The school has admitted that it has failed in its responsibility to keep students safe, saying the recent incidents clearly indicate it has a problem.

The growing scandal has forced alumni to grapple with the past and a number of them are coming forward with their own experiences of bullying and harassment at the school that stretches back decades. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement Nathan Goveas graduated from St. People made fun of my appearance. So she went to the administration. Story continues below advertisement Kyle Fraser said he left St.

He became depressed and anxious. It got really bad.

The best podcasts for true stories, books and fiction

Share this article Share The couple have been on a ‘handful of dates’, and were spotted Tuesday night at the Los Angeles premiere of Natural Born Pranksters. There was plenty of flirting between the two during the reality star’s podcast , as she constantly probed his romantic life, and spilled some VERY explicit details about her own. After casually informing him that she used to model within the opening minutes of the hour-long interview, he replied ‘I can see that, yeah.

You still seem like a real looker. Brandi posted this rather handsome pic ahead of her interview two weeks ago After listing the number of Friends cast members she dated – David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc – Brandi brought up the hypothetical situation of the two dating, which immediately piqued his interest. Brandi is mother to two children whom she shares with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian.

The 7 Dating Podcasts you Need to Listen to if you Want to Up your Dating Game. Maybe you’re sick of not getting what you want in dating, or maybe you just want to have a chuckle at some funny tales of dating .

By Eliana Dockterman Updated: April 2, 1: March 30, In March of , we recommended 50 of the best podcasts for your listening pleasure. But since that list dropped, the medium has continued to evolve. The internet devoured S-Town, and The Daily became mandatory listening during the morning commute. Shows like Ear Hustle, recorded inside a prison, and the musical 36 Questions pushed the bounds of podcasting.

Documentary series like Making Obama and Slow Burn began examining history to understand the current political landscape. Just this March, Marvel made its first foray into the podcasting genre with Wolverine: Between the newcomers and the old stalwarts we missed last year sorry! Sports Why You Should Listen: Each episode tackles a new sports saga with the same impressive journalistic rigor of the TV series.

The Best Podcasts For Single Women

When I first started creating my podcast, looking for podcasts hosted by Asian women was pretty much non-existent. It was a battle trying to look for podcasts hosted by Asian women. I would search on Google, go on Facebook Groups, check out Instagram and would do a happy dance if I found one or two. Fast forward to and more Asian women are stepping up to the plate and using podcasts as a way to speak their voice, their passion and be their true selves in the process.

I figured that if I was looking for something like this then other people would be looking for it too. I think its important to share this with you because of what it represents.

Apr 02,  · In March of , we recommended 50 of the best podcasts for your listening pleasure. Many of those shows continue to do great work, including Heavyweight, Still .

By Jillian Kumagai This tells us that people really like murder mysteries, but also confirms something else we’ve known for a long time — listeners want to hear a good story. Unsolved murders are compelling, yes, but Serial is compelling because it puts the listener as close as one can possibly get to an event that happened in Learn more about Serial and eleven other great storytelling podcasts in the list below. The best storytelling podcasts 1.

Serial Serial isn’t by any means the first podcast to become popular by telling a compelling story, but it is the one that went right back to a classically compelling genre — a murder mystery. Concerns of journalistic ethics aside, Serial has earned its popularity with strategically timed narrative, quality production and a dogged attempt to get as close as possible to the year-old murder of Hae Min Lee, for which her ex-boyfriend was convicted.

Longform The Longform podcast is made alongside Longform. Each episode of the podcast features an interview with journalists on their most hard-hitting stories, their methods and their connection to their subjects. Well-known interviewees have included Gay Talese , Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis , but there are a lot of hidden gems that reward a thorough investigation.

The Moth also has an app from which you can listen to stories directly. Strangers Strangers comes from Lea Thau, former director of The Moth, and focuses on true stories that replicate what many of us feel when we hear stories:

The 10 Best Sex Podcasts No Matter Your Taste

Who Killed Alberta Williams? Host Steve Rukavina takes you into the spaces of people making modern Montreal. Information Morning Fredericton is your daily survival guide.

Richard Ostler Podcasts and LGBTQ Mormon Church Podcasts. Richard Ostler Podcasts and LGBTQ Mormon Church Podcasts STORIES I. PODCASTS. FROM PARENTS. FROM LGBTQ. CHURCH EXPERIENCES. BLOGS. RICHARD OSTLER FACEBOOK POSTS. Chris Gallagher (Gay, RM, U of U Student, Dating Men) Don and Debra Coe, Parents of a Wonderful Gay Son. Richard.

The roughly minute episodes play out like disconnected chapters in one of his books, making it a little easier to commit to. Tackling topics ranging from foot binding to how attorney-client privilege works, with the occasional bit of weird history thrown in, SYSK delivers a smorgasbord of information for curious minds. Grab your crucifix and learn something. The average episode is about four hours long, with some spanning six. Rather than glossing over complex subjects like the Asia-Pacific War of , Hardcore History digs deep, exploring the nooks and crannies school books leave behind.

The newspaper may not make you laugh, but these top stories will leave you rolling. Hosts Felix Biederman, Matt Christman, and Will Menaker deliver a hysterical, and often brutal, look at American politics that leaves all sides bruised. Sitting down with political figures, writers, pastors, and activists, Cox creates an often funny, yet always informative, environment for discussion.


This has now carried over into Podcasting listening to radio type shows on-demand due to the unprecendented popularity of “Serial”, a podcast that people just can’t get enough of. Millions of people who had never even heard a podcast before became obsessed with Serial and binge listened to all of the episodes. Serial is from the creators of the hit public radio show This American Life and is hosted by producer Sarah Koenig.

A weekly public radio program and podcast. Each week we choose a theme and put together different kinds of stories on that theme.

Jump around the globe each episode as they teach you how to make delicious dishes like ramen and Korean fried chicken, with amazing guest chefs to guide you along the way. The Functional Sportsaholic Hosts Sean and Sam have been best buds for over 20 years and bring that rapport to the show. They discuss the week? Often funny, and sometimes serious, Sean and Sam discuss offer their points of view on polarizing sports issue by discussing their experiences in sports, the business world and in their personal lives.

Fast-paced, quick-witted and with personality to burn, the show has evolved from a fun movie discussion into an all-out two hour extravaganza that frequently features celebrity guests and high-profile giveaways. Tune in now and become a permanent resident of Schmoeville!

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